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This boilerplate is for most new generic pages.

<!--These lines are comments and will not display in the article. Please remember when finished creating a new page to cleanup by removing all these lines.-->
{{Stub}}<!--If you feel this new article is fully filled in, please remove {{Stub}}-->
<!--This section is to introduce reader to the main idea of the article.  You want to mention the important aspects of the title of the page, Please the lead above the <br><br>; which serves as a gap between the lead and the table of contents-->

<!--After the lead section becomes the body.  You want to expand on the core concepts of the article that you eluded to in the lead article provided there's something to expand upon.-->
<!--You can of course, change the header to something else besides Overview if it fits, but otherwise Overview is a generic expanding point you could use-->
<!--Then keep adding additional sections as needed, delineate sections using the ==SECTION== header, and expand those sections with ===SUBSECTIONS===-->

<!--INSERT a ==Trivia== section if you feel that to helps the content or is something the readers would enjoy; don't make things up, but you can make some correlations-->
<!--INSERT a ==Revision History== if you feel you'd like to show a timeline of the revisions, reveals, updates, patches, and fixes related to the content of the page.  Use the date of the update/change, not when you make the change.  Format= *Month-name Day, Year - Content, a line item example: *August 30th, 2014 - Content was revised in Update #54-->
<!--INSERT a ==Gallery== if applicable, but don't do it just because you can, but instead if you feel that a collection of images can help support the content in the page, otherwise use put in thumbnail images throughout the page to give it flavor-->
<!--INSERT a ==Video== if applicable.  Use videolinks, help found here  Don't forget to <center> the player.-->
Single use footnotes are defined by enclosing content within <ref>...</ref>.  Example; <ref>content</ref>
A footnote used multiple times may be defined with a name: <ref name="foo">content</ref>
<references />
<!--INSERT navigation templates here if applicable-->
<!--INSERT [[Category:WHATEVER]] by replacing WHATEVER with a group name, if it fits in a particular group, such as: realm (Arthurian, etc.), race, so on and so forth.  You can use more then one category if you deem it important-->
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